The Challenge: Lloyds were going through a major restructuring program throughout the Group, and had reshaped Marketing Communications structure, reducing head-count and consolidating seven teams into a new single function under one manager. 

They had crossed the Rubicon, there was no going back, so the 50 strong team had to find new ways of tackling the new business demands and working together despite ongoing cuts and travel restrictions, from 4 different UK locations, Bristol, Cardiff, London and Edinburgh. 

Proposal: LAR designed and delivered a Team Builder session for the whole team including 5 key parts. With the key objectives:

  • To get to know one another in order to build relationships
  • To identify key business issues and prioritise areas for improvement
  • To explore individual and team skills necessary to be successful

The LAR team devised a project Rubicon workshop based in Langstone Hotel and Marina – providing top level conference facilities and safe outdoor opportunities to explore the dynamics of successful teams... 

The content included:

Introduction to Team Dynamics: A plenary session to break the ice and talking about personal team experiences; a generic guided discussion on characteristics of effective teams; business challenges and successful teams; and an introduction to the team exercises that each person would enjoy. A risk and safety assessment ensured that the plans for the activities were understood and managed safely for all participants.

Business Improvement: Delegates worked on a SWOT analysis in order to identify opportunities and inhibitors to progress of the new team so as to develop Actions to address them, and to prioritise those actions... this was done four times with small
groups, each did not see the others responses.

Team Building: Delegates explored team dynamics in the rowing boats. Each group was broken down into rowing crews and taught the basic skills and then ‘raced’ against each other and the clock in order to understand the importance of being ‘in the same boat’
and also the team roles and leadership issues in new teams with new skills.

Fit for the Future: Delegates were encouraged to form teams in an outdoor team physical activity session, led by our ex-Navy PHI Instructor George. They found themselves transporting kit against the clock; playing a new team game with new rules and exploring the importance of fitness, mutual dependency and communications for sustainable team performance.

Mindfulness: Delegates were introduced to techniques to help manage the mental pressures of change in the workplace - posture management, relaxation and meditation in order to enhance personal performance in the workplace.

Plenary Wrap up: Delegates collated outputs from the four Business improvement sessions into a single team plan. All were reviewed and four process improvement projects – identified by the team as critical for the new function – were agreed, with
owners and target schedule identified.

Langstone Adventure Rowing provided qualified rowing coaches, fitness instructors’ and physiologists as well as
business coaches and facilitators throughout the day, running each session and supporting the manager and senior team to encourage participation and ‘buy-in’.

Each delegate had the opportunity to talk to an individual they did not know and learn something about them. They shared learning in various sized groups and over lunch reflected on the morning activities. In the afternoon more group activity was followed by the plenary group presentations from the other team members on the SWOT Action analysis.

The result was a group who, at the end of the day, had met everyone in the team; shared some fun and challenging team activities; had time to reflect on business issues and develop a response and had time to reflect on managing their personal responses
to change.

Comments included “I’m hooked" (on rowing); “relaxation was lovely”; “Really enjoyed the whole the day”; "Good rowing session with 4 in the boat”; “Really clear Introduction and set-up”; and “Last session really worthwhile to pull the activities together..”. The 48 delegates agreed it was a great opportunity to meet and develop links and contacts through the day – reflected in the rating for overall experience with all feedback scores satisfied or very satisfied - 4 or 5.