TEAM BUILDING DAYS How do get your team to work better, together? Have a look at the video and see!

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Are you restructuring; building or re-building teams? Or a newly appointed Manager looking to get your team to be more effective??

Research has shown that effective teams have a number of characteristics, they are:Langstone Team Building characteristics

Results Oriented: Effective teams watch the statistics and target effort where it's needed.

Accountable: Effective team members are clear what their accountability is.

Committed: Effective teams are committed to their goals and the need to work together.

At ease with Conflict: Effective teams raise issues about performance in an open way.

Trust: Effective teams trust each other.

So how do you get your team to this place of effectiveness?

Langstone Team Builders

The Langstone Team Builder is a flexible team development workshop, designed and tested, to provide a unique learning experience with measurable benefits.

Langstone Team Building improvementBased alongside picturesque Chichester Harbour, an area of outstanding beauty, the Langstone Team Builder is a modular programme. We use a combination of outdoor activities, including rowing and team physical exercises, mixed with indoor business analytics and personal development sessions to improve:

  • Individual capability
  • Team dynamics
  • Business Performance

We can apply our method to any team, from Executive level to the grass roots of your business.

Call Mike now on +44(0)7767 350512 to discuss your Langstone Team Builder event – and help your team toward greater success.

Or view the information on the Innovations Fitness website.

Further Information

Take a look at a case study for Project Rubicon, a client who was going through a major restructuring programme. The team needed to re-group and find new ways of tackling the new business demands going forward as a team. You can also download our flyer for forwarding onto colleagues / clients.

Langstone Team Building Case StudyLangstone Team Building Flyer

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"Learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back"

Chinese Proverbs

"Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat"

Jean-Paul Sartre