Langstone Adventure Rowing provides assessment and training programmes for traditional rowers, and anyone involved in charity or extreme rowing events.

From the Round Hayling, Round the Isle of Wight or Cross Channel, Tidal Thames to London to Paris events; we advise, assess, coach, train, coach and encourage, helping you to have the adventure of a lifetime! 

We will work with you every pull of the way to help you achieve your goal. 

The work we do at Langstone Adventure Rowing includes:

o Goal Directed Plans
o Risk Assessments & Safety planning
o Teamwork & Roles 
o Balance, Rhythm and Timing
o Fitness & Performance
o Nutrition and Health
o Clothing and Kit
o The ‘Active’ Coxswain
o The Harbour by Day and Night
o What does success look like?

The programs include land and water based activities, supported by personal help, video feedback (hopefully not catching crabs!) and further development advice. The activities are flexibly designed for individuals, team leaders and full teams. You can either work in our boats or your own.
Here is Angela Ski 1, the Adventure Gig designed to row across the Channel for Adventure Rowing, being used by Rhys and his team when crossing the Channel.