About Us and Our Mission

The name LangServe is a combination of the words Language and Services. Our mission is to use our knowledge and

experience to help people with a wide range of language and language learning needs.

The most common need is English language teaching and learning. English has become the global language and so learning English means someone can communicate with a very wide range of people and to access a very wide range of materials. Much of the world’s business is conducted in English as well as science, diplomacy, the arts, academic work and much more. An internationalised world needs and international language.

However, learning a second language can be frustratingly difficult. We believe that, done in the right way, it can also be enjoyable and stimulating as well as successful.

We at LangServe believe our mission is to help people learn English through using the language in a way that is meaningful and communicative. Of course we teach grammar and vocabulary but we always try to do so in a way which the learner actively uses the language to communicate or achieve some meaningful outcome.