We Are the Lions!

 We Are the Lions 

We are the Lions, with Langan pride

Different on the outside

But the same inside


We love our school

Yes, you and me

 Take a look around and you will see…



At Langan School

We will rejoice

We have a choice

We have a voice




No challenge too great

Independence the rule

When we spread our wings

We soar in our school


The friendships we build

Will never end

When you’re in Langan

You’ll be with friends




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Principal's Corner 



We had our Quality Review on Wednesday April 5th. The review team consisted of Charles Pinckney ( Board Representative), Martha Fagan ( manager) and Deborah Jakob ( staff member) The purpose of the Quality Review was to get a “snapshot” of our program. The review consisted of taking a tour of our program. We stopped in to visit several classrooms, Voc Ed, pool, therapy room and the nurses station. We could have spent the whole day and still not have been able to tell of all the wonderful opportunities that we provide our students each and every day! Needless to say, they were very impressed with our program. They commented on the very positive interactions that they saw between staff and the students. They noticed that staff did an excellent job in making sure that our student voices were heard! Their favorite part of the review was “interviewing’ Meki, Chad and Imani.!! Once again a big thank you to everyone, not only for your high quality job you presented during the review, but for your tireless dedication to our students each and every 
day !


Focus: Economics

Preschool Grade Band travels around the community and focuses on our Community Helpers. In the K- 12 Grade Band we learn the what, why and how of earning money! The Transition Level topic is  "Work It!" and focuses on employability. 


April Current Event Topics

 Rocket Contest
Helpful Painter
"Born in China" Movie
Street Pianos