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Welcome To Mr. Miller's Page!

I would like to welcome you to my webpage. This page will allow you to follow all my physical education and health classes. Also, you can find links to boys' basketball schedules.  


                                                    Mr. Miller’s Class Schedule:
 Monday/Wednesday Tuesday/Thursday   Friday
 Period #1 8:00-8:40 P.E. 2 Period #1 8:00-8:35 P.E. 2 Period #1 8:00-8:40 P.E. 2
 Period #2 8:43-9:30 7th Grade P.E./Health Period #2 8:35-9:18 7th Grade P.E./Health

 FLEX TIME: 9:21-9:51
 Period #2 8:43-9:30 7th  Grade P.E./Health
 Period #3 9:33-10:20 7th Grade P.E./Health Period #3 9:51-10:33 7th Grade P.E./Health Period #3 9:33-10:20 7th  Grade P.E./Health
 Period #4 10:23-11:11 9th Grade P.E. Period #4 10:33-11:16 9th Grade P.E. Period #4 10:23-11:11 9th  Grade P.E.
 Period #5 11:14-12:02  8th Grade P.E./Health Period #5 11:16-12:02  8th Grade P.E./Health Period #5 11:14-12:02  8th  Grade P.E./Health
 Period #6 12:05-12:51 8th Grade P.E./Health Period #6 12:05-12:51 8th Grade P.E./Health Period #6 12:05-12:51 8th  Grade P.E./Health              
 Lunch 12:54-1:18 Lunch 12:54-1:18 Lunch 12:54-1:18
 Period #7 1:21-2:10 Planning Period Period #7 1:21-2:10 Planning Period Period #7 1:21-1:53  Planning Period
 Period #8 2:12-3:00 P.E. 2 Period #8 2:12-3:00 P.E. 2 Period #8 1:53-2:30 P.E. 2

The best way to reach me is via email at  I will do my best to respond as soon as possible. If you need to call me, you can call the school office at (812) 952- 2555 (LHS) and my extension is 232.

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We use this for sharing electronic assignments and resources.  We will use this platform every day in our class so it is important that students come to school with a full charge on their device!


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