Mr. Bridges' Social Studies Classes

Welcome to my site. I hope that you will find my classes interesting and informative about not only our country but countries from around the world. This site is designed to help you navigate important activities and information for my classes.

Mr. Bridges Daily Schedule:

Period One    Sociology /Current Events   7:55-8:40 MWF  7:55-8:35 T/TH  

Period Two    U.S. History 8:43-9:30 MWF  8:43-9:18 T/TH

Period Four   Geography 10:23-11:11 MWF 10:36-11:16 T/TH

Period Five    Eastern World  11:14-12:02 MWF  11:19-12:02 T/TH

Period Six      Eastern World   12:05-12:51 MWF  12:05-12:51 T/TH

Period Seven    Geography    1:21-2:08 MWTHF   1:21-1:53 F

Period Eight   U.S. History  2:12-3:00 MWTH   1:57-2:30 F

The best way to reach me is via email at  I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.  If there is an emergency, you can call the school office at (812) 952- 2555 (LHS) Ext.340.

Important Class Links:


Our Google Classroom

We use this for sharing electronic assignments and resources.  We will use this platform every day in our class so it is important that students come to school with a full charge on their device!


Remind Text Notifications

To receive important notifications and info about our class, sign up with our class code: 

Text the correct code to the number 81010 

Sociology: @bridsoc

U.S. History @bridhist

Eastern World @brideast

World Geography @bridgeog