910 1st AveWarehouse, Desk Division Office Outfitters
1008 1st Ave1008 1st Ave
909-911 2nd Ave909 -- 911 Second Avenue
1006 2nd Ave1006 2nd Ave
1011-1013 2nd Ave1011-1013 2nd Ave
1007-1009 2nd Ave1007-1009 2nd Ave
1353 Avalon DrFrank J. Tytus Mansion: Henning Apts.
SWC Central Ave & S Main StMiddletown Federal Savings And Loan Association: Middletown Holding and Deposit Association
Cincinnati-Dayton RdEllison Harkrader House
201 Clark StHoly Trinity Catholic Church
403 Curtis StMiddletown Drug Treatment Center: Doty House
1 Gardner PlaceGardner Music Center: Gardner Mansion
4301 Lefferson RdHendrickson Residence: Ross, McClellan, Deardoff
34 S Main StThe U.S. Hotel
36 S Main StRose Furniture Store: T.V. Howell Building
44-46 S Main StState of Ohio Liquor Control Store No. 56: F.P. Vorhis Home
50-52 S Main StPeck's Flower Shop: N.S. Selby, Shaffenberger Floral; Miami Valley Electric
56 S Main StPickwick Building: Dr. David Bundy House
65-67 S Main StCommercial Building, Colonial Theater, Sorg Opera House
68 S Main StBrandenburg and Switzer, Architects: Old Barnitz Bank, Creo, Barnitz House
71 S Main StSears Automobile Service Center
100 S Main StKings Kitchen
103 S Main St1002 E. First Ave.: 103 S Main St
105 N Main StElks Temple
107 S Main StSol Finkelman Real Estate and Insurance: Casper Fenzel house
109 S Main St109 S Main St
115 S Main StThompson House: Victor Hatfield House, Dr. John Corson House
116 S Main StAmerican Legion, Middletown Post #218: Captain Robert Wilson House
117 S Main StDr. John L. Bauer, Charles Denny House
119 S Main StMiddletown Baptist Temple: First Baptist Church
121 S Main StLindeman Home: Simon Goldman Residence
124-126 S Main StChapple Leasing Company: Wilson House
125 S Main StAmerican Red Cross, Middletown Chapter,: George Shafor House
129 S Main St129 S Main St
140 S Main StSohio Station
201 S Main St201 S Main St
206 S Main StSorg Mansion: Paul J. Sorg Home
210 S Main StRiggs Funeral Home Inc.: Alexander Hill House
214-216 S Main St214-216 S Main St:Reiliartz home, Theodore Marston House
218 S Main StCalvin Verity Residence: F.P.Loeur House
219 S Main St219 S Main St: Winchester House
223-225 S Main St223-225 S Main St
228 S Main St228 S Main St.: Daniel McCallay house
229 S Main St229 S Main St: Judge Todhunter House
231 S Main St231 S Main St: Wampler, Denny House
300 S Main StTytus Mansion: John B. Tytus Mansion
301 S Main St301 S Main St: Thomas Woodward House
305 S Main St305 S Main St: Sabin Robbins Sr. House
306 S Main St306 S Main St: Oglesby House
308 S Main St308 S Main St: C.B.  Johnson House
309 S Main St309 S Main St: Sabin Robbins Jr. House
313 S Main St313 S Main St
314 S Main St314 S Main St: Jacoby house
317 S Main St317 S Main St
320 S Main St320 S Main St
321 S Main St321 S Main St: Niederlander House
400 S Main St400 S Main St: Iseminger House
404 S Main StLefferson Home: Arthur Lefferson Home, Bates House
501 S Main St501 S. Main : Sampson House, Breiel House
502 S Main St502 S Main St: R. C. Phillips house
503 S Main St503 S Main St
507 S Main St507 S Main St: Stahl house
508 S Main StColonial Manner Nursing Home:LeiBee house
509 S Main St509 S Main St: Renick house
510 S Main St510 S Main St: Carnahan House
512 S Main St512 S Main St: John Boyd House
514 S Main St514 S Main St: William Hanger Johnson house
517 S Main St517 S Main St
520 S Main St520 S Main St
521 S Main St521 S Main St
525 S Main St525 S Main St
600 S Main St600 S Main St
601 S Main St601 S Main St: Gabe Mayer
603 S Main St603 S Main St 
604 S Main St604 S Main St.: D. E. Harlan House
605 S Main St605 S Main St
606 S Main St606 S Main St
609 S Main St609 S Main St: W. T. Harrison
610 S Main St610 S Main St: Anthony Walberg
614 S Main St614 S Main St: Harding
700 S Main St700 S Main St: James Lawrence House
704 S Main St704 S Main St: E. Smith House
715 S Main StDr. E. Norwood Clark house: Gibson house
830 S Main StGeorge M.  Verity Homesite
915 S Main St915 S Main St
2002 S Main StONG Armory Motor Vehicle Storage Building
214 Thornhill LaneMcKnight Kinney House: G.F. Gunckle House, Genevieve Gunckle House
220 Yankee Rd220 Yankee Rd
224 Yankee Rd224 Yankee Rd
228 Yankee Rd228 Yankee Rd: Edward Jones house
240-242 Yankee Rd240-242 Yankee Rd
512 Yankee Rd512 Yankee Rd
5261 Trenton Franklin RdMary Fall House
4805 Oxford State RdCombs Duplex
2941 Hartkie StCollins Duplex
2931 Hartkie StJones House
2930 Hartkie StLanier House
2926 Hartkie StCall House
2925 Hartkie StGay Duplex
2922 Hartkie StCrockett House
2921 Hartkie StCollins House
2920 Hartkie StWilson House
2914 Hartkie StO'Neill House
2913 Hartkie StCarter House
2906 Hartkie StBarrow House