2015 Articles

Drinkers joined the ranks of civilians juggling ration complications in 1943
Coal shortages meant cold homes, dark streets, transportation problems and loss of wages
Ambitious 20th century plans for highways in Butler County mostly remain unfulfilled
World War II rationing became more complex with introduction of two-price system in 1943
Rent controls imposed in 1942 as housing shortage hit Hamilton
Sugar first food rationed during World War II
Louisville, Cincinnati & Dayton Railroad promised economic benefits to Hamilton and Middletown
Was law enforcement to blame for Hamilton and environs acquiring Little Chicago label during the tumultuous years of Prohibition?
Washington, not Paris, dictated fashion during World War II with rationing and restrictions

Hamilton’s ‘major problem,’ identified almost century ago

Hamilton’s nearly 43-year streetcar era ended 82 years ago

World War II civilian mobility limited

Early 20th century plans proposed union station to handle passenger train services in Hamilton

20 Butler County officers have died in line of duty since 1913

Tight censorship cloaked birth of atomic age in isolated New Mexico desert

Hamilton’s ambitious 1953 annexation plan sparked formation of city of Fairfield in 1955

When Sputnik heated Space Race and Cold War in 1957, Butler County recognized road inadequacies

Ohio parkway proposed to honor Anthony Wayne

Although expected, Hamiltonians waited to celebrate Germany’s surrender until President Truman’s official announcement

Jerome Falconer reflects Civil War’s personal tragedies among his family and young friends

Hamilton’s Peace Jubilee on Good Friday 1865

Planners said Hamilton's ‘horse and buggy’ streets required correction

Toll debate for new Brent Spence Bridge recalls financial basis for earliest roads and bridges built in Butler County

The Train of Tomorrow, the future of railroad passenger travel, visited Hamilton in 1948

While General Anthony Wayne prepared for a showdown with Indians, a high-ranking officer was Agent 13 for a foreign government

Plans for navigable Great Miami River preceded arrival of first soldiers at Fort Hamilton in 1791

Army considered Fairfield site for air base during World War I
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