2014 Articles

Extended Battle of the Bulge dampened home front optimism and complacency
Re-election of Abraham Lincoln faced obstacles in 1864
Miami University wasn’t supposed to be in Oxford
Hamilton high school proposals
Butler County Medal of Honor Memorial recognizes feats of 12 men who were natives or residents of the county

For more than 100 years, planners have focused on downtown Hamilton

Butler County’s 167th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment

International celebrity Buffalo Bill Cody brought the Wild West to Hamilton for final time in September 1914

Hamilton sought library grant from Carnegie;

Hamilton park and boulevard suggestions coordinated with separate flood protection proposal, both unveiled in summer of 1909

Mosler Safe Co. reputation established by reports from 1871 Chicago fire, Fort Knox, White House, atomic bomb explosion, museums and frustrated safecrackers

Mosler Safe Co., linked with banking for much of its history, also prominent contributor to U. S. Cold War defenses

Opening of Mosler Safe Co. continued festive mood in 1891 as Hamilton celebrated its centennial year

News-filled month of June 1944 highlighted by World War II progress and approval of important post-war program for veterans

Hamilton confronting labor crisis in local war industries in 1944 when news of invasion arrived

Pfc. Patrick L. Kessler only local soldier to earn Medal of Honor during World War II

Is all that train noise necessary in Hamilton? Believe it or not, railroads are quieter than decades ago when industries required service

Local gamblers have many legal choices in 2014, reminiscent of games during decades of ‘wide-open’ illicit wagering

Why did Johnny Black’s "Paper Doll,"ignored for decades, become a hit tune during gloomy midpoint of World War II?

For some older Butler County fans, Cincinnati Gardens memories focus on Hamilton-Middletown rivalry

For much of 1914, speculation on next war involving United States centered on Mexico

Arctic conditions in February 1914 crippled Hamilton; ice jam threatened to destroy city’s temporary bridge

Socialist Party candidates assumed leadership of Hamilton government in 1914 as citizens struggled to recover from March 1913 flood

Health officer in 1914 criticized careless disposal of garbage, outhouse problem and lack of meat inspection in city
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