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White City Park

White City Park was the toughest of the two most notorious roadhouses of the Little Chicago era. Both were in Fairfield Township, south of Hamilton. The other one was the Stockton Club. White City Park was on the south side of Bobenmeyer Road (later shortened to Bobmeyer Road), east of Dixie Highway (Ohio 4) and between the southern end of Tuley Road and the Pennsylvania Railroad (now the Norfolk Southern). White City Park -- a family picnic grove before and after Prohibition (1919-1933) -- was defying more than dry laws in May 1921 when the sheriff issued a tough warning to its operators. A newspaper said "reports have been pouring into the sheriff's office that all is not as it should be down there." Gambling and prostitution, as well as illegal beer and whisky, were reported as attractions. White City Park continued to operate despite periodic raids, arrests and temporary closings. In 1927 when the sheriff raided the "resort" -- as some roadhouses were called during Prohibition -- it was known as Dreamland. After 1933, when Prohibition ended, it was known as Family Gardens.

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