Wabash Canal or Wabash-Erie Canal. See Miami-Erie Canal.
Washington Boulevard. See Millikin Woods
Washington and Clinton Hall. See Elliott Hall and Stoddard Hall
Washington Hospital or Martha Washington Hospital. See Fort Hamilton
Weber W. Sebald Park. See Sebald Park
Wedekind Flying Field. See Fairfield Dog Track
West College Corner.  See College Corner.
West Hamilton Brewery. See Mason Brewery
Westfield, Warren County. See Red Lion
Whirlpool-Seeger Corp. See Estate Stove Company.
White House Manor. See Hughes Manor
Whitewater Shaker Village. See Morgantown
William Harbin Park. See Harbin Park
William McGuffey School. See Normal College of Miami University
Williams Mill. See Van Horne's Mill
Wilson & Jacoby Tobacco Co. and Wilson & McCally Tobacco Co. See Sorg Tobacco Co
Wilson, Sorg & Co. See Sorg Tobacco Co
Wingate Tavern. See Torrence Tavern
Winton Farm. See Woodside Cemetery
Wireless Museum or Gray History of Wireless Museum. See Bethany Station
WLW transmitter. See Mason
Woodsdale Island or Woodsdale Park. See Woodsdale.
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