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Verity Statue

 Verity statue is officially the George M. Verity Monument, a 600-pound sculpture created by Ernest Bruce Haswell in 1947, located at 703 Curtis Avenue, Middletown, in front of the former Armco Steel Corp. headquarters. According to George Crout, the "tribute by Armco workers to their founder" was unveiled on Founder's Day April 22, 1948." Crout said "the statue was executed by Bruce Haswell of Cincinnati and cast by Amos Mazzolini of Yellow Springs." The Ohio Outdoor Sculpture Inventory (OOSI) web site describes it as a "larger than life portrait of George M. Verity. Dressed in a suit, he stands with his arms at his side." An inscription says: "Armco spirit is a comprehensive vital force which finds expression in the practical application of policies builded on a platform of Christian principles in which selflish purpose has no place." George M. Verity incorporated the American Rolling Mill Co. Dec. 2, 1899, and broke ground on a new mill in Middletown July 12, 1900, on a 12-acre site at Doty's Woods. Armco became the new corporate name in 1948 and AK Steel in 1994. (See entry for Armco for more details.)

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