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Vaughan House

Vaughan House or the John Vaughan House, also known as the Vaughan-Francis House, 3756 Hamilton-New London Road, Shandon, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. The web site of the Ohio Historic Preservation Office of the Ohio Historical Society says "this house is a good example of Federal style architecture, and it was the first brick house near Shandon. It has several unusual features including a corbeled brick cornice and interior black walnut paneling. The house was built between 1814-15 by John Vaughan (1754-1848) who had come from the parish of Carno, Montgomeryshire, North Wales. He and his wife, Mary Jones, and a group of settlers came to Butler County about 1801, shortly after another group of Welshmen including David Francis, a direct forebear of the present owner, had come to Colerain Twp. Vaughan made his first payment on the land Nov. 8, 1801 for the east half of section 25, Morgan Township, Butler County. Originally, the family lived in a log cabin near Paddy's Run. This was replaced with the construction of the brick house at the present location. The bricks were fired on the site by James Shaw of Washington County, Ohio. Shaw also acted as foreman of the brickyard and superintended the making of the mortar.

Vaughan was known for his hospitality. The area around Shandon was settled by many Welshmen, and Vaughan paid passage for many of them. In the winter of 1818-1819, Vaughan shared his house with 20 Welsh settlers who had not yet built homes. Vaughan's house served as a model when many of these settlers subsequently built houses. He also manufactured the brick for most of the houses. Vaughan gave most of the land for the first church, built in 1825, and the graveyard for the community. Until then the church often met in Vaughan's barn."

The OHPO says "Vaughan's wife Mary died in 1805 after the birth of their son, William. About 1807 he married Ruth Crosby Comstock (1755-1825), a school teacher from New England. In 1828 he married Mary Wardell Brightwell (1755-1853). Vaughan's son William married Mary Bebb, daughter of Edward and Margaret Bebb, in 1824. William Vaughan was the first postmaster of Paddy's Run, and the house served as the post office from 1831 to 1847. Martha Ann Vaughan (1832-1905), the daughter of William and Mary Vaughan, married Abner Francis (1829-1894) in 1852. He was the grandson of David Francis (1772-1848) and Mary Rowland (1774-1852) who were among the first group of Welsh settlers to settle Shandon in 1795. The house has remained in the Vaughan-Francis family to the present time." says the undated OHPO web site. (See Shandon and Vaughan.)

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