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U. S. S. Fisher Hall

U. S. S. Fisher Hall was the World War II designation for Fisher Hall, a Miami University dormitory which had started in 1854 as the Oxford Female College.

Later, after 1882, it was the Oxford Retreat, a sanitarium for mental patients. It became a Miami residence hall in 1926. It was renamed the U.S.S. Fisher Hall after naval training programs began on the Oxford campus in June 1942. More than 7,800 men and women were trained at Miami in a variety of skills through the spring of 1945. The number included 4,397 men and 1,529 women schooled in the naval radio and code course. Other programs included a cook and baker school and the Navy's V-12 program, which combined some college instruction with basic naval training. After the war, Fisher Hall was a student dormitory from 1945 until 1958, and, in its final years, a theater until 1969. It was demolished a few years later. (See Fisher Hall entry.)

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