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Twin Run Golf Course

Twin Run Golf Course, 2505 Eaton Road, Hamilton. The par 72, 18-hole Hamilton municipal course is 6,551 yards in length. The gift from Dwight J. Thomson was dedicated June 22, 1963, as "a memorial to the past presidents of Champion, whose desire always was, as mine is now, to contribute continually to the well-being and growth of Hamilton." The paper company's five past presidents were: Peter G. Thomson, 1893-1931; Alexander Thomson, 1931-1935; Logan G. Thomson, 1935-1946; Reuben B. Robertson Sr., 1946-1950; and Reuben B. Robertson Jr., 1950-1960. "I don't have to you of the tremendous debt of Champion to Hamilton, the city of our founding. I'm happy to be able to repay the community in a small way for the good things that have happened to us since 1893," said Thomson, who had donated the land in May 1960.

Dwight Thomson joined Champion in 1938 at the Hamilton mill and was chairman of the board when he resigned in 1965. The Twin Run gift had been part of Dwight Thomson's Contentment Farm, a 460-acre tract that had been the home of his prize herd of polled Herefords. It began with his first land purchase in 1947. The property conveyed to the city included a two-story residence, built in 1949; a one-story guest house, built in 1952; a main barn and other farm buildings. The former Thomson residence became the first clubhouse for the course. Dwight Thomson participated in the March 12, 1962, groundbreaking and returned to play the dedicatory round May 22, 1963. Twin Run opened for public play May 30, 1963.

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