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Turtlecreek Township

Turtlecreek Township in Warren County was formed Aug. 15, 1804. It was named for Turtle Creek that been named for Little Turtle, a Miami chief. The county's first settlement, Beedle's Station, 1795, was in what became Turtlecreek Twp. Union Village, a Shaker community from 1805 until 1920, also was in the township. Union Village -- now Otterbein Homes, a retirement complex -- also was known as Shaker Town. Butler County is on Turtlecreek Township's western boundary, Liberty Twp. on the south and Lemon Twp. on the north. Through annexations, parts of the Butler County cities of Monroe and Middletown are in Turtlecreek Twp. The City of Mason has annexed part of Turtlecreek Twp. The City of Lebanon withdrew from the township in the 1960s. Existing and former communities in the township include Floraville, Genntown, Green Tree or Greentree Corners, Taylorsville and Turtle Creek. Green Tree Corners at Ohio 741 and Greentree Road was originally named Morristown, but later changed to Green Tree because of a tavern by that name at the crossroads. Floraville, Taylorsville and Turtle Creek became part of Lebanon. (See Beedle's Station and Union Village.)

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