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Talawanda Springs

Talawanda Springs isn't in Butler County, but it is close. It is near the Ohio-Indiana line northeast of College Corner in Preble County. It is located on Talawanda Springs Road along Little Four Mile Creek (or Tallawanda Creek), which empties into Acton Lake in Hueston Wood State Park. In the early 19th century, water flowed through a hollowed log into a pail for the benefit of local residents and travelers. In the 1880-1890 era, the spa on the James McCluskey farm became a favorite spot for picnics and outings. About 1890, J. N. Huston bought the property. The Connersville businessman started bottling the water By 1900, it was being shipped in five-gallon earthen jugs and barrels on the nearby Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad (CSX Hamilton-Indianapolis line). As facilities expanded, a soft drink line was added. Lou Moreland managed the complex in 1904 when his Talawanda Springs ginger ale earned a blue ribbon at the St. Louis World's Fair. In the mid 1980s, monthly production totaled 60,000 to 70,000 six-gallon units. It was marketed as Talawanda Distilled Water, "the water nature intended you to drink." A series of owners operated the company until October 1993. The Polar Company closed its College Corner operation, but retained the name for water from Pennsylvania sources.

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