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Sutherland Park

Sutherland Park -- formerly known as Wayne Park and First Ward Park -- was the Rossville Burying Ground. The cemetery was created when the town of Rossville was formed in March 1804 on the west bank of the Great Miami River. The Rossville Burying Ground was platted in 1804 at the northwest corner of Boudinot and Third streets in Rossville at the edge of the town. Later, Boudinot became Park Avenue and Third became North D Street. The cemetery tract was donated by two Rossville's promoters -- John Sutherland and Samuel Dick. In recent decades, it has been assumed Rossville burials ended in 1848 when Greenwood Cemetery opened. About 150 bodies were removed from Rossville to the new cemetery between 1849 and 1869. But an 1888 newspaper article said interments continued in the Rossville Burying Ground until 1863. Hamilton City Council ordered May 5, 1865, that as of that date "it shall be unlawful for any person or persons to inter or bury any body or bodies in the Rossville cemetery, then also known as the First Ward Cemetery. It was named Sutherland Park in an ordinance adopted June 18, 1890, by Hamilton City Council. Sutherland -- one of the cemetery donors and for whom the park is named -- was born in 1771 in Scotland. He came to Virginia in 1788, and in the early 1790s was a packhorseman with Gen. Anthony Wayne's army in this area. In 1795 he settled in Hamilton, and became the town's first merchant. He died Sept. 9, 1834. Sutherland's remains are in Greenwood Cemetery in Hamilton. (See Rossville and Rossville Historic District.)

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