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Sunbury (Montgomery Co)

Sunbury or Sunsbury is in German Twp. in Montgomery County. The 1882 Montgomery County history said: Sunsbury "is but a small village of about 40 dwellings; is separated from Germantown by a space of about a quarter of a mile, and is located directly south of the latter town, on the Carlisle & Germantown Pike. It is a very old place, being the first point settled in German Township, and for a number of years was the only village or place of business in the Twin Valley. It was not, however, platted until March 18, 1825, according to the county records." Modern maps identify it as Sunbury, with only one s. The Internet version of the 1882 history spells it with two. It is southeast of Germantown near the intersection of Ohio routes 4 and 123. (See Montgomery County, German Township and Germantown.)

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