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Soldiers, Sailors and Pioneers Monument

Soldiers, Sailors and Pioneers Monument is at the southwest corner of High Street and South Monument Avenue, on the east bank of the Great Miami River, in downtown Hamilton. The memorial building was planned and promoted by Civil War veterans. It was designed by two Hamilton men, Frederich Noonan, architect, and John C. Weaver, engineer. A county levy approved Dec. 7, 1899, provided funds to build the monument, which was dedicated July 4, 1906. The name carved in stone above the entrance is Veterans Memorial, but the official name is Soldiers, Sailors and Pioneers Monument. The 17-foot figure atop the building is a Civil War private raising his cap in celebration of victory in the four-year war (1861-1865). The 3,500-pound soldier, representing "Billy Yank," the typical Civil War private, was hoisted into place Dec. 1, 1904. (For details, see separate entry for Billy Yank.) 

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