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Sohngen Malthouse

Sohngen Malthouse, Hamilton. German-born Louis Sohngen (1824-1893) started a malthouse at the southwest corner of South C and Franklin streets in 1858. Barley raised on Butler County farms was processed into malt and supplied to about 30 brewers in such varied markets as Cincinnati, St. Louis and Wheeling, W. Va.. The malthouse -- enlarged several times -- operated until 1917, during the early months of World War I, when grain shortages and other war-time restrictions led to its closing.

In 1871 Sohngen was one of six malthouses listed in the Hamilton city directory. On the east side of the Great Miami River were John Schelly on the north side of Maple Avenue between South Fifth and South Seventh streets; Schlosser & Co., southwest corner of South Front and Ludlow streets; Peter Schwab & Co., northwest corner of South Front and Sycamore streets; and John Sohn & Co., southeast corner of Monument Avenue and High Street. Joining Sohngen on the west side of the river was Henry Egger (or Eger), west side of South C near Millikin Street. Egger and Schwab also were listed as brewers.  (See Rossville and Rossville Historic District.)

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