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Shenkton is a fictional town between Hamilton and Middletown, according to an item in the Journal-News Dec. 8, 1948. "Folks hereabouts are giving a second look at the best-selling novel, The Hickory Stick, by Virgil Scott," the report said. "The story of the trials and tribulations of a young school teacher, Doug Harris, the main part of the story is laid in the town of Shenkton. The book describes Shenkton as a typical midwestern town of 5,931 population (1930 census) and locates it on State Route 4 halfway between Hamilton and Middletown. Well, that could be LeSourdsville, but LeSourdsville doesn't apply. So those who have been reading the book are looking around for other towns hereabouts as the locale of the story," the Journal-News said. The Hickory Stick was published in 1948 by Swallow Press/William Morrow & Co., New York.

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