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Shaw's Ford

Shaw's Ford, or Shaw's Crossing, was the first name for the Great Miami River crossing in Section 34 of Ross Township, later known as Dick's Mill and Dick's Crossing. Stephen Riggs Williams said "at the first public sale in Cincinnati of the land west of the Miami in 1801, Jeremiah Butterfield, Esquire Shaw and his sons Knowles and Albin, Asa Harvey and Noah Wiley bought 2,000 acres of land extending south from the mouth of Indian Creek into Crosby Township of the present Hamilton County." The land was divided among the buyers, said Williams. "Since three out of the six men were named Shaw, it is natural to assume that one of the three may have owned the land where the wide, shallow crossing is located." It was known as Dick's Crossing after the sale of the land to Samuel Dick in 1805.

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