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Sharonville, a city mostly in Hamilton County, extended north into Sections 8 and 14 in Union Township in Butler County in the 1980s. Residents of the Indian Springs subdivision (northwest of Fields Ertel Road and Reed Hartman Highway) were joined by those in Wildwood Acres and Beacon Hills in petitioning for annexation to Sharonville in 1987 and 1988. The Cincinnati Guide, compiled by the Writer's Program of the Works Projects Administration, said Sharonville, "settled in 1795, is a former post-tavern town." The 1943 guide said "the site was surveyed soon after Wayne's victory at Fallen Timbers" and "was a favored stopping place in stagecoach times and a station on the early Cincinnati Northern Railroad." A city history said Sharonville began as Sharon with 71 lots platted Feb. 5, 1818, by John Stewart. It became known as Sharonville in 1876, to end confusion with another Sharon in Noble County, Ohio, near West Virginia. It became the village of Sharonville in 1911 and a city in 1962. (Also see Crescentville, which was annexed to Sharonville in 1960.)

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