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Sebald Brewery

Sebald Brewery was founded in Middletown in 1866 by German native William Louise Sebald. "The old Sebald home once stood at Broad Street and Central and the famous brewery encompassed almost a block between Central and First Avenue along the west bank of the old canal," according to George Crout, Middletown historian. By 1900, Crout wrote, the brewery had a capacity of 20,000 barrels a year and "was a major local employer." He wrote that the "Sebalds had their own distribution system, making use of the canal, which ran by the plant, with its famous colorful canal boat, the Gambrinus, honoring the ancient Flemish king credited with discovering beer." When Ohio prohibition started in May 1919, the Sebald Brewery converted to production of near beer, but not for long. In 1933, the Sebalds attempted to reopen as the Premier Brewing Co., but "never got beyond the paper prospectus," according to Crout.

"The old brewery would be torn down to make way for a Kroger Supermarket and parking lot. With Krogers now gone, it is only a big parking lot along Verity between Central and First," Crout wrote in 1998. The 1882 Butler County history said "William Sebald was born in Bavaria, Germany, Dec. 10, 1830. His parents were Casper Sebald and Margaret Schalk, the mother coming to this county with William in 1854. He was married in Hamilton Sept. 29, 1857, to Mary Dilg, daughter of Henry Dilg and Louisa Schwab, who was born in Hamilton June 12, 1841. Her parents came here in 1836. The 1882 history said "Mr. Sebald learned carriage painting and trimming in Bavaria, and after coming to this county he worked at this trade for about five years, when he built a brewery in Middletown, where he carried on the brewing business until his death, which occurred Dec. 10, 1880, his wife carrying on the business."

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