Sagendorf Iron Roofing and Corrugating Co. See Armco
St. Julie Billiart. See St. Stephen Church and Rectory
Schwab Brewery. See Cincinnati Brewing Co
Caroline Scott homes, Oxford. See Caroline Scott Harrison homes.
Seven Chimneys or the "house of seven chimneys." See Spread Eagle Tavern
Shadowland. See Club Dardanella
Shaffer House or Jacob Shaffer House. See Edgeton
Shakers and Shaker villages. See separate entries for Morgantown and Union Village
Sharon. See Sharonville
Shawnee Casino.  See Monroe Mega-Mall
Sherman Manor or the Nathaniel Sherman Jr. Manor. See Notre Dame Academy
Shoemaker. See Maud
Short Line Railroad. See Cincinnati, Dayton & Eastern
Showplace 8, Hamilton. See Kerasotes Theatres Inc
Skim Milk. See Miltonville
Skinnersburg. See Isis
Sloptown. See South Hamilton
Smith's Mill. See Morgantown
Smith's Station. See Fairsmith
Smith's Theater, Hamilton. See  Jefferson Theater
Snopstown. See Schnapstown and Furmandale.
South Hall or Southeast Building. See Elliott Hall and Stoddard Hall
South Lebanon. See Deerfield
Southwestern Normal School. See National Normal School
Springdale Amusement Company. See Fairfield Dog Track
Stahl Brewery or Jacob Stahl Brewery. See Mason Brewery
Stahlheber Woods. See Millikin Woods.
"Star of Ohio." See Oakland
Starr Hill. See Warwickshire
State Theater, Hamilton. See Grand Theater
Sterling Machine Co. See Long & Allsatter Co
Stewart's Corner. See Saint Charles.
Stockton Dog Track. See Fairfield Dog Track
Stone Jug. See Jones or Jones Station.
Straight Line Railroad. See Cincinnati, Dayton & Eastern.
Stump Mill or John Stump Mill. See Mudlick Distillery.
Summerville. See Somerville.
Symmes Purchase. See Miami Purchase.

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