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Rossville -- now part of Hamilton -- was platted as a village March 14, 1804, on the west bank of the Great Miami River, opposite Hamilton. Original land owners were John Sutherland, Henry Brown, Jacob Burnett, James Smith and William Ruffin. A Rossville post office operated from Nov. 24, 1819, until April 15, 1855, with Joseph Wilson the first postmaster (1819-1824). An early attempt to merge with Hamilton failed. John Woods, as president of the Junction Railroad, urged the merger of Hamilton and Rossville in 1854 during the construction of the railroad. The merger was approved in an April 1854 election. The vote was 331 for and 149 against the merger in Hamilton; and 240 for and 159 against in Rossville. The union of the towns was completed in February 1855 and accepted by the state March 10, 1855. Rossville was named in honor of Sen. James Ross of Pennsylvania. The Pittsburgh resident was a leader in obtaining free navigation of the Mississippi River and its tributaries -- an important means of travel and trade for early residents of Butler County. (See Ross for biographical information on Sen. James Ross.)

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