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Prospect Hill

Prospect Hill is a residential area which was added to Hamilton in 1893, as the Champion Paper and Fibre Company mill on North B Street was about to open. Both were developed by Peter G. Thomson, who also sold residential lots in adjacent Grand View. Prospect Hill was the high ground west of the paper mill, extending to North F Street, and north of Liberty Street. It includes the streets of Rhea, Elvin, Warwick, Cleveland, Ridgelawn and Prytania.

"Hamilton has plenty of room for factories, but it has only one desirable location for homes and that is Prospect Hill, boasted a Thomson newspaper ad in May 1893. "The completion of the Black Street Bridge will make this property doubly accessible," said Thomson, who maintained his real estate office at 224 High Street. Before development, the wooded highland was a popular spot for Sunday school picnics and similar outings. (See Champion, Grand View and College Hill.)

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