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Pig Monument

Pig Monument. "Standing beside the road between Blue Ball and Franklin [Dixie Highway] in Warren County near Towne Mall is perhaps the most unusual monument in the world," wrote George Crout in Miami Valley Vignettes. "It is a monument to a Pig, and has been featured in many 'believe-it-or-not' collections. He continued: "The Shakers, near Lebanon, went East and bought some Big China stock, transported them back to Warren County and began to mix them with other breeds. A farmer near Blue Ball bought some hogs from the Shakers and began his own experiments. Soon all this work produced a new kind of hog. The Swine Breeders' Association gave it the pedigreed name of Poland-China. This hog became nationally famous. June 15, 1922, a special ceremony was held in tribute to the Poland-China breed, and a monument was dedicated to -- of all things -- a Pig."
In a 2000 column in the Middletown Journal, Crout said the location east of Middletown was known as the Pig Farm. It was once "one of the area's most prosperous farms, operated by William C. Hankinson, who was a breeder of pedigreed hogs, including Lady Pugh, founder of the premium line of Poland-China." (See Union Village, Blue Ball, Hunting Lodge and Austin-Magie Farm and Mill District for more information on the Poland-China pig.)

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