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Peck's Addition

Peck's Addition started in 1875 as a 200-acre residential development proposed by Dr. John Pascual Paoli Peck. It was to be built south of Hamilton on lowland, much of which had been a swamp (the Big Pond) when Fort Hamilton was built in 1791. Peck's Addition was annexed to Hamilton in 1908 with much of the tract undeveloped. The area is south of present Knightsbridge Drive (formerly South Avenue), east of the Great Miami River, north of Fitton Avenue and west of Pleasant and Central avenues. For decades, the low-lying area was a collection point for water backed up from the river and from Crawford's Run and other nearby creeks. That problem wasn't erased until a levee was built by the Miami Conservancy District along the river after the 1913 flood, and Crawford's Run was diverted into a storm sewer during the Depression. Until the 1960s, part of Peck's Addition was a refuse landfill. It now includes the Hamilton Campus of Miami University and Champion's Knightsbridge offices.

(See Big Pond.)

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