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Park Place

Park Place in Middletown didn't take its name from Monopoly. The popular board game was introduced 25 years after the name was registered in Middletown. The subdivision is east of the Norfolk Southern tracks and north of Central Avenue and includes the streets of Fleming, Miami, North, Manchester, Sutphin, Harrison, Monroe and McKinley. 

"The original plat laid out May 9, 1910, consisted of 75 acres, which had previously been annexed to Middletown in 1892," explained George Crout. "It was owned by the Arthur Lefferson family, a pioneer family of the city. Their home at 407 South Main Street is the oldest house in Middletown still standing on its original site," Crout added. "The Leffersons -- who were large land owners -- called their farm Park Place, probably due to its park-like surroundings. It was a retirement farm for the family, which had large farms in the area," said the Middletown historian. In the game Monopoly, introduced in 1935, the names of streets in Atlantic City, New Jersey -- including Park Place -- are used. 

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