Palmira and Paymyra. See Mason
Pater Park Wildlife Area. See Pater Lake
Paul J. Sorg Tobacco Co. and P. J. Sorg Tobacco Co. See Sorg Tobacco Co
Pavilion. See Bridgewater Falls, Fairfield Twp.
Peace Officer Memorial. See Butler County Peace Officer Memorial
Pere Marquette Railroad. See Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad
Peters Cartridge Company. See Kings Mills
Philanthropy or Philanthrophy. See Scipio
Pickwick Building, Middletown. See South Main Street District
Pig Farm. See Pig Monument
Pleasant Run Country Club. See Fairfield Golf & Community Center
Poland-China Monument.  See Pig Monument
Police Officer Memorial. See Butler County Peace Officer Memorial
"Pride of Butler." See Oakland.
Protestant Hospital. See Fort Hamilton Hospital
Public Safety Education Complex. See Butler Technology and Career Development Schools
Pug or Pug Muncy. See Tylersville.
Pugh's Mill Covered Bridge or Black Bridge. See Austin-Magie Farm and Mill District
Pumpkin Vine Line. See Louisville, Cincinnati & Dayton Railroad and See Armco.
Queen Theater, Hamilton. See Lindley Hall.
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