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Oneida is at the intersection of Yankee and Oxford State roads in Sections 19 and 20 in Lemon Township, mostly north of Oxford State Road and east of Yankee Road. Streets include Omaha, Navajo, Mohawk, Seneca, Ottawa, Oneka and Waneta. Oneida includes the village once known as Georgetown. Oneida, a subdivision platted in 1928 on the former 162-acre Henderson farm, was named for an Indian tribe in New York. Land sales officially opened June 7, 1929, with 100x200-foot lots starting at $350. Oneida was listed in the 1950 census report as an unincorporated area with a population of 2,248. In the 1960 census, it was listed as Oneida-Rolling Mill Park with 6,504 inhabitants.

(Also see Rolling Mill Park.)

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