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Normal College of Miami University

Normal College of Miami University -- also known as the Ohio State Normal College -- began its first year Sept. 10, 1902, when the university's fall term opened. Earlier that year, the Ohio General Assembly had authorized teacher colleges at Miami and Ohio universities, allocating $67,000 to initiate the normal colleges. Starting in 1903, Miami practice teachers (later called student teachers) gained experience in the Oxford Village School District. The arrangements continued until 1910 when disagreements between the university and the school district caused Miami officials to create a "practice school" on the campus. It attracted 153 students in its first year of operation. During the 1911-1912 school term, it was named the William McGuffey School. The next year, its program extended from kindergarten through high school. McGuffey School became part of the Talawanda District in the 1950s, operating grades K-8 after the opening of Talawanda High School in 1956. The McGuffey lab school closed at the end of the 1982-1983 school year.

Although Miami had always produced teachers, formal training didn't start until 1850 with a normal department that wasn't a full degree program. There was no teacher education program at the university between 1865 and 1902.

What started in 1902 as the normal college evolved into Miami's School of Education and Allied Professions. (See related entries for Miami University and National Normal School, the latter including Southwestern Normal School, National Normal University and Lebanon University.)

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