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New Grand Theater

New Grand Theater was at 201 South Third Street, opposite the west end of Maple Avenue. It opened March 2, 1908, as an 800-seat vaudeville theater because the Grand Theater at 317 High Street was too small to meet Hamilton's demand for vaudeville entertainment. The New Grand was reported as 125 by 150 feet. It was renamed the Regent Theater Feb. 21, 1921. It was seldom used as a theater after 1926. The Regent is listed in the 1931-1932 city directory, but not in the 1933-1934 directory. Miller Brothers Paint & Wall Paper Co. was at 201 South Third Street in 1933-1934 directory. (See Jim Blount history columns in Journal-News of Oct. 2, 1996, and Oct. 9, 1996, for more details.)

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