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Music Hall in Cincinnati

Music Hall in Cincinnati is at the corner of 14th and Elm streets. It was dedicated in 1878 during the fourth May Festival. "Music Hall has endured famously over the years, a testament to those who conceived it and to those who continue to contribute to its grandeur. In January 1975 it was recognized as a National Historic Landmark by the U. S. Department of the Interior," reports the web site of the Society for the Preservation of Music Hall. The web site continues: "In reality three separate buildings under one roof, Music Hall was designed originally for a unique and dual purpose -- to house musical activities in a center area and industrial exhibitions in its side wings. It has played host to a wide number of activities. These have ranged from traditional symphony concerts and theatrical performances to the Democratic National Convention of 1880, the Cincinnati Industrial Expositions, home shows, air shows, automobile shows, basketball games, tennis matches, wrestling matches, in short, Cincinnati's Convention Center until the present Convention Center was begun in 1967."

The SPMH says ''this great Victorian pile of 3,858,000 red pressed bricks is an architectural eccentric, with its garrets, turrets, gables, insets, nooks and broken surfaces and planes. It was designed by the Cincinnati firm of Hannaford and Procter and built in the grand style of the day, often referred to as 'modified modernized Gothic' or 'romantic eclecticism.' Some Cincinnatians affectionately describe it as 'Sauerbraten Byzantine.' "

The present rear entrance to Music Hall is on Central Parkway which was the Miami-Erie Canal when the building was completed in 1878. Patrons could approach by carriage as well as on foot or by boat.

The SPMH says "the length of the building on Elm Street is 372 feet, the depth from Elm to Central Parkway is 293 feet and the highest point is the pinnacle of the front gable 150 feet above the sidewalk. It covers an area of 2½ acres. A large rose window is a prominent feature of the front facade."

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