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Muhlhauser or Muhlhauser Station was a Fairfield Township railroad station at the Muhlhauser Road crossing of the Cincinanti, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad.

It was named for the Muhlhauser family, owners of a brewery in Cincinnati.

The station was built on land owners by the Muhlhausers. The family had a house and farm near the station. Gottlieb Muhlhauser and Henry Muhlhauser joined Conrad Windisch in forming the Windisch-Muhlhauser brewery in 1867.

Fifteen years later, members of the same families incorporated the Lion Brewery on the Miami-Erie Canal between Liberty and Wade streets in Cincinnati. That plant, with a capacity of 300,000 barrels per year, operated until the start of Prohibition in 1919. In 1934, with prohibition repealed, the brewery reopened under new owners and was known as the Burger Brewing Co. until absorbed by the Hudepohl Brewing Co. According to Baltimore & Ohio Railroad timetables, Muhlhauser was 6.9 miles south of the Hamilton station and 18.6 miles north of Cincinnati. It was six-tenths of a mile south of the Stockton station.

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