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Mudlick Distillery

Mudlick Distillery, Montgomery County. In 1829, Samuel Rohrer started a brewery in Germantown. His son, Christian, built a distillery at Mudlick in 1858. Mudlick was on Mudlick Creek, a source of water for residents in the area. Jugs of water from Mudlick Springs were believed to contain healthful minerals. 
"But it wasn't the water that brought national fame to Mudlick. It was the whiskey made at the Mudlick Distillery," said George Crout in Miami Valley Vignettes. "Its formula was a secret with the Rohrer family. The distillery prospered and grew, and Mudlick became a village within itself, with grain storage bins, aging warehouses, offices, homes for workers, barns and stables. About 20,000 barrels of whiskey were kept aging at a time, representing a $1 million inventory. David, Christian's son, joined his father in the business." 
Also at Mudlick was the John Stump House and Mill, or Mudlick Mill, which was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. In 1817, John Stump is reputed to have built a gristmill on Mudlick Creek with funds he allegedly acquired from a brief career as a riverboat gambler. Stump operated the gristmill with two waterwheels, a 16-foot overshot waterwheel and a 14-foot undershot waterwheel. In 1837 he sold the mill and moved to Germantown where he was a merchant and banker. The mill was purchased in 1837 by John Underwood and later by John Reisinger. According to other sources, in 1847 the mill was purchased by Christian Rohrer, who claimed to have made the first bourbon whiskey in Montgomery County. David Rohrer, Christian Rohrer's son, took over the distillery and mill in 1861 and produced Mudlick Whiskey until about 1914. The mill and distillery sites are in German Township, west of Germantown on Ohio 725, then left on Signal Road for a mile to the bottom of the hill. (See Germantown and German Township)

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