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Mount Holyoke of the West

 Mount Holyoke of the West." If Miami University was "the Yale of the Early West," there also was room for "the Mount Holyoke of the West" in Oxford. The university's first president, Dr. Bishop, "was determined that Miami would be 'the Yale of the West.' The Reverend Tenney and the head mistress Peabody of the Female Seminary had determined that Western would be "the Mount Holyoke of the West," explained Dr. Phillip Shriver, former Miami president and historian. "And, in truth, not only Miss Peabody, but all six of the Western faculty would be Mount Holyoke graduates," Dr. Shriver said. Western College began July 14, 1853, as the Western Female Seminary, and later was known as Western College for Women before becoming a part of Miami University in 1974. It was founded by the Rev. Daniel Tunney, pastor of Oxford's Second Presbyterian Church. Miss Helen Peabody headed Western for 33 years. The Rev. Robert H. Bishop was Miami's first president. (See Western College and "Yale of the Early West.")

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