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Morgantown existed from 1810 to about 1830 as a community with mills and shops on Dry Fork in Section 34 of Morgan Township. It was acquired in 1824, or soon after, by the Shakers and became part of the 1,457-acre Whitewater Shaker Village, mostly in Crosby Township in Hamilton County, north of New Haven.

Whitewater was founded by Shakers in 1824, north of New Haven in Hamilton County and extending north into Sections 33, 34 and 35 in Morgan Township in Butler County. It covered about 400 acres in Butler County, including the area around Howard's Creek, Race and New Haven roads in Morgan Township.

Whitewater was operated as a communal society until 1809."It was also known as Iseminger's Mill, Smith's Mill and Merring's Mill," according to A Self-Guided Driving Tour of Historic Morgan Township. The 1882 county history said "Morgantown began with either Hugh Smith's gristmill or else the John Iseminger still-house. There were at this settlement, at various times, a flax-seed oil mill, by Smith & Robinson, a sawmill, and a brewery; also a blacksmith's shop and an extensive cooper's shop. These establishments were in active operation from 1810 to 1830. In its most prosperous days the village was about the present size of Okeana. At this time [1882] there are no traces of the place left except an old log house. In 1810 George Iseminger had a store here; also Smith & Robinson. Iseminger was at one time a miller and sawyer in the village. His brother-in-law, Rephart, was the brewer." (Also see New Haven, Union Village and Crosby Township.)

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