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Moore's Station

Moore's Station or Moore's Hill was a flag stop on the Junction Railroad between present South C and South D streets on Hamilton's West Side. The Hamilton Telegraph July 16, 1874, said "one of the conditions under which the Junction RR obtained the right-of-way through the First Ward was that it would establish a station and build a station house at the west end of the viaduct, near the residence of Colonel Moore. The road has been operated now 13 years and this pledge is still unrealized. Not the slightest provision for the comfort of the waiting passenger has been provided by the company," the newspaper said. Thomas Moore, a native of Canada, worked as a tailor until completing his studies at Miami University. He opened a law practice in Hamilton in 1845, was mayor of Rossville 1850-1851, was elected to the Ohio Senate in 1860 and, as a colonel, led the 167th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment in West Virginia during the Civil War.

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