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Miltonville is along Elk Creek in Section 30 of Madison Township, north of Trenton at the junction of Howe and Elk Creek roads. The village plat was recorded Nov. 27, 1816, by Theophilus Egglesfield, Richard Crane and George Bennett. It was settled by English families, and may have been named after John Milton, an English poet and political writer. Miltonville was once an important crossroad on the Cincinnati-Dayton stagecoach lines. A post office was established Oct. 11, 1889, and continued until Oct. 31, 1904. After it was bypassed by the railroad in 1851, Miltonville was referred to as Skim Milk because the "cream" of its businesses and residents were said to have moved to nearby Trenton to be on the rail line, leaving only the "skim milk" for Miltonville. (For more details, read Miltonville's Story by Doris L. Page, 1986, and see the entry for Bambo Harris Mill.) 

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