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Miami Nation

Miami Nation. The Miami Nation, according to a Myaamia Project web site, "is a sovereign Native American Nation whose ancestral lands encompassed what are now Indiana, Western Ohio, Eastern Illinois and the lower portions of Michigan and Wisconsin. Through several treaties starting in 1795, the Miami lost much of their original homelands to the U.S. government. In 1846 the tribe was forcibly removed to an unwanted reservation in Eastern Kansas. Several families were exempt from this removal and remained back in Indiana. By the 1870s the Miami in Kansas were forced to move again to Indian Territory. As was the case previously, many families remained in Kansas while the rest were forced to lands in what is now NE Oklahoma.

"Today the Miami Nation is headquartered in Miami, Okla., but many Miami families can be found living in Indiana, Kansas and Oklahoma." The Myaamia Project is based at Miami University, Oxford. The project web site says: "Over the years, a thriving and mutually enriching relationship has developed between Miami University and the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma existing on many levels: institutional and official, academic, and interpersonal. Officially, the vice president for student affairs serves as the university liaison with the Miami Tribe. That office designates a student affairs staff member to maintain close communication with a liaison from the tribe to coordinate the varied activities that occur between the University and the Tribe, both in Oxford, Ohio, and in Miami, Okla." (also see Kekionga and Fort Wayne, Ind., for historical information.

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