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Miami Hall

Miami Hall was on the northeast corner of South Second and Court streets in the Miami Building. The third floor auditorium was a Hamilton social center and the site of meetings, stage shows and productions and dances. It is believed to have been opened about 1840, and was called "the city's first theater" in Rosemary column in Journal May 14, 1932. Quoting letter from Joseph A. Howells (brother of William Dean Howells), the column by Stella Weiler Taylor said: "Previous to the building of Miami Hall, all exhibitions were given in the lower room of the courthouse or in a church." (Reprinted in volume 1, page 80, of Rosemary, published 1940). The building was razed in 1930 to clear the site for retail buildings erected as part of the Paramount Theater development. Miami Hall was not the same as the Miami Union Building, once a block away at the northeast corner of South Third and Court (Basin) streets. The MUB was built and owned jointly by two congregations, the Associate Reformed and the Presbyterian churches. They decided to build a brick church for common use in December 1815. It was sold in 1828.

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