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McCullough's Mill

McCullough's Mill was north of Hamilton on the Great Miami River. "One of the first men to realize the business potential of Butler County was Thomas McCullough, who, along with other members of his family, arrived in Ohio in the 1790s," wrote George Crout in Bicentennial. Briefs. "By 1796, he and a son, Samuel, setup a business at Fort Hamilton. They also built the McCullough Mill," said Crout. "Thomas ran the Hamilton store and Samuel the mill." Mrs. Heiser said in 1802 Thomas McCullough purchased land and a gristmill and a sawmill on the Great Miami River in Fairfield Township, about two miles north of Hamilton, from Solomon Line and later resold it to William Bigham. Mrs. Heiser said McCullough opened a general store at the mill and "quite a settlement sprang up around the McCullough place, and was known as Mount Pleasant. The mill was cutoff from the river after the 1805 flood changed the course of the Great Miami River. Crout said "by 1816, Samuel McCullough had begun to buy up Oxford lots at courthouse sales. On one, at the northwest corner of South Campus and Collins, he erected a log structure, providing food and lodging, or a pioneer hotel." Crout said "the name lives on in the McCullough-Hyde Hospital" in Oxford.

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