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Lottie Moon House

Lottie Moon House, 220 High Street, Oxford, northwest corner of High Street and University Avenue. Robert Moon and his family rented the two-story, six-room house for several years after 1839. His family included two daughters, Charlotte and Virginia, whose legendary exploits during the Civil War are too complicated to report here. Charlotte, known as Lottie, was regarded as a spy or agent for the Confederacy. Her younger sister, Virginia of Ginnie, performed similar duties during the war. See Old Oxford Houses by Ophia D. Smith for more details on the Moon sisters and the house. Another occupant was John W. Hall, Miami's president from 1855 to 1866. The house was presented to the university in 1897 by Sheffield Richey, a former faculty member. The house had been owned by Richey's family for more than 125 years.

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