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Lindenwald was a community south of Hamilton and a stop on the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad. It originally extended from present Belle Avenue south to Laurel Avenue and east of Pleasant Avenue to Zimmerman and the railroad. It was annexed to Hamiton in 1908. The CH&D station was at the east end of Williams Avenue, a mile and half south of the Hamilton depot and 24 miles from Cincinnati. Lindenwald also was the site of a car barn (northeast corner of Pleasant and Williams avenues) and a powerhouse (at the west end of Williams Avenue at Neilan Boulevard) for Hamilton streetcars and interurban lines. "Some place north of present Belle Avenue was a grove of linden trees," said Mrs. Heiser in explaining the name. Joseph Davis owned the land when the railroad was being planned and built, and "began making sales to suit purchasers," Mrs. Heiser said. "The first of these was made in 1849, and others rapidly followed." The village had a population of about 80 people by 1855. Mrs. Heiser said "it may be supposed that Mr. Davis named his village because of the linden grove on the original farm and probably with the thought that ex-President Van Buren called his . . . home Lindenwald."
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