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Kumler House

Kumler House or the Elias Kumler House, 120 South Main Street, Oxford, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. The Ohio Historic Preservation Office of the Ohio Historical Society says the house, "constructed in 1856, was built as a residence for Elias Kumler, and is the finest example of Gothic Revival architecture in this small southwestern Ohio community. It is distinguished by bold straight lines articulated in four steeply pitched gables rising smoothly from each of the four corners in the exterior brick walls between the first and second story level. It produces a house elegantly refined in structure and detail although not as elaborate as examples of this style found elsewhere in the state." OHPO says for most of its long history, "the Kumler House has been occupied by notable Butler County families. 

Elias Kumler was Oxford's first banker, a merchant and a farmer. In the 1850s he gave financial support to help build the Junction Railway, a road from Hamilton, Ohio to Connersville, Ind." [Later, it was the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Indianapolis Railroad, and now part of the CSX system.] "In 1868, Ebenezer Lane bought the Kumler House. Lane was connected with the riverboat trade, the wholesale dry good business in Cincinnati, and the wholesale liquor business in New Orleans. A great contributor to early area educational institutions, he gave a large sum of money to establish the endowment for Lane Seminary in Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, donated his cornfield and gave a generous endowment fund to Oxford Female College [Fisher Hall] . . . and gave support to Western Female Seminary (Western College). Frank Cone, an Oxford businessman who served for three years in the Civil War, bought the Kumler House in 1888, and lived there for nearly 40 years." OHPO says "the house fell upon hard times when used as rental property for college students. Condemned as a health hazard by the City of Oxford in 1975, it was rescued and restored by Robert L. Fenhol," who sold the house in 1979.

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