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Knorr was at LeSourdsville. The LeSourdsville post office was renamed Knorr Feb. 2, 1887. It changed back to LeSourdsville Aug. 26, 1890, and to Knorr again Dec. 19, 1890, and finally to LeSourdsville April 1, 1891, when a previous order was rescinded. 

In 1855 the A. H. Knorr Co. of Cincinnati purchased land and built an earthen embankment around 19 acres to form a lake, which was fed by water from the Miami-Erie Canal. It built 12 icehouses to store ice cut from the lake in the winter. Each icehouse was 50 by 120 feet and 28 feet high. The ice was shipped via the canal to Cincinnati where it was delivered by wagons to customers, and some shipped down the Ohio River.

The company sold the and lake in 1892. The lake became the basis for an amusement park, LeSourdsville Lake, developed in 1921 by Edgar Streifthau.

The park was later known as LeSourdsville. (See entry for LeSourdsville.)

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